1. 4. bit an extra or redundant bit used to detect transmission errors is called
  2. 5. risc processors are 70 percent faster than which processors
  3. 6. expansion a macro call leads to
  4. 7. if the new facts are consistent with all the other facts that have already been asserted, then nothing will be retracted from the set of facts that are known to be true. What is this property called?
  5. 9. the process of recognizing the lexical components in a source string is called:
  6. 10. A program that translates a high-level programming language such as C or Pascal into a machine language program is called
  7. 13. the process of mapping ordinary messages into encoded messages is called
  8. 18. Express in Windows we can maintain multiple E-mail and newsgroup accounts in
  9. 19. A measure of the extent to which the evidence that is described by the antecedent of the rule supports the conclusion that is given in the rule’s consequent
  1. 1. A list of tasks a system could perform is known as
  2. 2. Express To create our own web page, we can use what, which is another tool included with Windows 98
  3. 3. In uniprocessor systems which channels are used to provide direct information transfer between the device and main memory
  4. 5. A secondary processor used to speed up operations by taking over a specific part of the main processor’s work is called
  5. 7. tasking the simultaneous execution of two or more programs in one computer is called
  6. 8. example for a multiuser operating system is
  7. 11. to move a program or operating system from one hardware platform to another is:
  8. 12. Identifiers, keywords, constants, operators and punctuation symbols such as commas and parentheses are typical
  9. 14. The name of the device used for a user to computer communications, usually the display and the keyboard is called
  10. 15. A security method that identifies a specific authorized user of a computer system, by a unique string of character that user types as an identification code is
  11. 16. computers can be made very knowledgeable but are far from being
  12. 17. A small input device with one or more buttons used as for painting or drawing is