1. 4. When someone has a red card balance and needs to pay it off
  2. 5. What a customer has to sign when reactivating their account
  3. 7. Where you can find 1/2 off upgrades
  4. 10. To change a customers information
  5. 11. This tab shows you store summary and projections/rankings
  6. 13. Where you go to freeze, cancel or upg/dng a membership
  7. 15. Shows you a customers tan time if they’re too early
  8. 16. Where you find the daily reports to print out everyday
  9. 17. When someone has to wait on a bed we put them in what
  10. 18. Where we can find the courtesy tan button
  1. 1. The button we use for spray tans
  2. 2. Till counts are done on here
  3. 3. When someone comes in from another state
  4. 6. What do we have to send every night at close
  5. 8. Where you can find what we’ve done all day in sales,efts,etc
  6. 9. Where you can find employee commissions
  7. 11. Where you can find all the discounts/coupons for lotions
  8. 12. Who we call in the morning
  9. 14. Who calls us in the morning