1. 2. To communicate with others in real-time through text or video messages
  2. 6. A device that produces sound from the computer
  3. 7. A pair of devices worn over the ears to listen to audio from the computer
  4. 8. A screen that displays information from the computer
  5. 11. Electronic mail, a system for sending and receiving messages online
  6. 13. A copy of files or data made for safekeeping or recovery
  7. 14. A global network that connects computers worldwide
  8. 16. To transfer data or files from the internet to the computer
  9. 17. Not connected to the internet or not actively using it
  10. 18. Universal Serial Bus, a common interface for connecting devices to the computer
  11. 19. A malicious software program that can harm computer systems
  12. 20. A machine that prints text and images on paper
  1. 1. A device used to capture audio or sound input
  2. 3. An online journal or informational website where individuals or groups share their thoughts and opinions
  3. 4. A secret combination of letters, numbers, or symbols used to protect access to the computer or online accounts
  4. 5. A device with buttons used for typing and inputting commands
  5. 9. Connected to or available through the internet
  6. 10. To transfer data or files from the computer to the internet
  7. 12. A collection of web pages accessed through the internet
  8. 15. A device that moves the cursor on the computer screen