1. 1. Playing interactive games on the computer for fun and entertainment.
  2. 4. Programs or applications that allow the computer to perform specific tasks or functions.
  3. 6. A camera used to capture video and images, often used for video chatting or conferencing.
  4. 9. Drive A small storage device used to store and transfer data between computers.
  5. 10. A device with buttons or keys used to input letters, numbers, and commands into the computer.
  6. 11. A screen that displays the information and images produced by the computer.
  7. 12. An online storage system where data can be stored and accessed from anywhere via the internet.
  8. 15. Drive The primary storage device of a computer, used to store and retrieve data and programs.
  9. 16. Electronic mail, a way of sending messages and files electronically over the internet.
  10. 17. A wireless network that allows devices to connect to the internet without using cables.
  11. 18. A flat, touch-sensitive device that allows users to perform various tasks and access information.
  12. 19. A global network of computers that allows people to access information, communicate, and share resources.
  1. 2. A small device used to move the cursor on the computer screen and make selections.
  2. 3. A portable computer that can be easily carried and used anywhere.
  3. 5. A security system that protects a computer network from unauthorized access or threats.
  4. 7. A wireless technology that allows devices to connect and exchange data over short distances.
  5. 8. The process of writing instructions (code) that tell the computer what to do.
  6. 13. A software application used to access and navigate websites on the internet.
  7. 14. A device that transfers text or images from the computer onto paper.