1. 3. A showing of information for the viewing of others
  2. 4. under the shift key
  3. 6. An electronic document in which data is arranged in the rows and columns of a grid and can be manipulated and used in calculations.
  4. 10. a resource for recording data on a computer storage device
  5. 11. to turn on an application
  6. 13. A visible and moving pointer
  7. 16. A window with multiple options and controls
  8. 17. You do this by taping your mouse
  9. 18. An image on a screen that is linked to a website or app
  1. 1. A movable viewing area on a computer screen
  2. 2. Allows quick access to current or favorite applications
  3. 5. The display area of the computer (it is not the screen)
  4. 7. .com, .org, .doc, .png
  5. 8. You do this by taping your mouse twice
  6. 9. Another term for it is cutting corners or cutting through the Allie
  7. 10. It makes organizing your files easier
  8. 12. you do this by clicking on an object and moving your mouse
  9. 14. Recording information for later use
  10. 15. A piece digital of information