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Computer and Video Game Vocabulary

  1. 3. An artificially created or enhanced sound used to emphasize certain actions within computer and video games.
  2. 4. An electronic musical instrument that generates audio signals that may be converted to sound.
  3. 6. Computer or video games music sores. Also, the name given to an album of music taken from a computer or video game sold commercially or performed on radio stations or in live concerts.
  4. 7. where melodies and bass lines ascend or descend via semitones.
  5. 10. How much sound/how many different parts we hear.
  6. 12. The speed of a sound or piece of music.
  7. 13. Music technology is the used of any devices, mechanism, machine or tool by a musician or composer to make or perform music; to compose, notate, play back or record songs or pieces; or to analyse or edit music. E.g. a computer.
  8. 14. Each instrument has its own unique tone quality.
  9. 15. A name given to the music often heard over a computer or video game's main menu - the theme by which a computer or video game is often most well-known from and may continue throughout the entire gameplay.
  10. 19. Melodies which move mainly by leap or use notes which are not next to or close to one another.
  11. 21. Accenting the weaker beats of the bar to give an offbeat or jumpy feel to the music.
  12. 23. The act of arranging a piece of music for an orchestra and assigning parts to the different musical instruments.
  1. 1. A name given to a point within a computer or video games when the player has to make a decision - often accompanied by a short piece of memorable music or series of sound effects.
  2. 2. A reoccurring theme throughout the music connected with a particular person, idea, or situation.
  3. 5. Using digital technology, computers, MIDI, sound recording and manipulating software and digital effects to both create and enhance sounds and music used within computer and video games.
  4. 7. Describes the music which is associated with a particular character within a computer or video game and may be manipulated, varied and adapted depending on different situations, atmospheres and scenarios that the character finds themselves in within a computer or video game.
  5. 8. How the notes or sounds are played.
  6. 9. Bass line often move by leap in much music from computer and video games, leaving gaps between the notes.
  7. 11. A point within a computer or video game knowing when a significant event is about to occur - often accompanied by music or a sound effect.
  8. 16. The volume of a sound or pieces of music.
  9. 17. An articulation marking where notes are performed sharply and detached from each other to create a spiky feel - common in much computer and video game music.
  10. 18. A stye of electronic music which used simple melodies made for programmable sound generators.
  11. 20. The technique of digitally encoding music or sound and reusing it as part of a composition or recording.
  12. 22. The highness or lowness of the sound.