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Computer Parts for Grade 4

  1. 3. where files are transported to, unpacked and executed. Other wise known as Random Access Memory. What is its shorter name (HINT - baaa! Type of sheep! Stars with r).
  2. 6. all of the hardware that is connected within a computer is connected to a _____ board (HINT - starts with m).
  3. 8. place to store software and keep track of files ((HINT - starts with m).
  4. 9. Processing Unit the main controller that does all of the work in the computer (HINT - Three words. The words start with the letters CPU).
  5. 11. the CPU gives data to this to produce an image (HINT - two words. Start with g and c).
  6. 14. device like printers, monitors and speakers show us what the software is up to. We call these ______ devices (HINT - starts with o).
  7. 15. a code of 0’s and 1” that computers use to communicate (HINT - starts with b).
  1. 1. the brains of the computer (HINT - starts with p).
  2. 2. programs and files that run on a computer (HINT - starts with s).
  3. 4. the physical components of a computer (HINT - starts with h).
  4. 5. a special kind of electric switch that has high and low. There are millions of them on a processing unit (HINT - starts with t).
  5. 7. a master program that controls all aspects of the computer. It controls the interactions between hardware and software.Hint - O__________ S________) .
  6. 10. Device like keyboards and mice allow us to interact with software. We call these ______ devices (HINT - starts with i).
  7. 12. the CPU gives data to this to produce sound (HINT - two words. Start with s and c).
  8. 13. smallest unit of binary information (HINT - starts with b).