1. 3. : Data that is measured/ represented on a continually varying scale ex: dimmer switch or watch
  2. 8. (arithmetic and logic unit) the part of the CPU that performs arithmetic and logical operations on the #s stored in the register
  3. 9. reference Cell reference which remains fixed even if the cell in which the reference occurs is moving to a new location
  4. 12. (Business Process Reengineering )a technique for improving a business by making radical changes to the existing business procedures
  5. 13. Online journals where people post their thoughts, usually on a narrowly defined topic daily. representing personality
  6. 14. an electrical conductor that makes a common connection between several circuits within computer
  7. 16. data Data that consists of numbers
  8. 17. Optical storage medium used to store digital data information such as music,
  9. 19. verifying the identity of the person or device attempting to access the system
  10. 21. graphics a type of image such as a digital photo, that is stored as a grid work of individual colored dots (also known as pixels).
  11. 22. (Computer Aided Design) designed to draw 3d graphics for architects and engineers
  12. 23. communications channels that have high bandwidth
  13. 26. (American Standard Code for Information Interchange)a code that represents characters as a series of 1"s and 0's---used to represent text...binary
  14. 27. groups A discussion in real-time which a group of people communicates online simultaneously. Over network
  15. 28. graphics A type of digital graphics format that displays a three-dimensional image on a two-dimensional space.
  16. 30. Unit the part of the microprocessor that directs and coordinates processing
  17. 31. software a computer program that scans a computer’s memory and disks to identify, isolate and eliminate virus
  18. 32. force attack attempts to capture your password by trying every possible combination of letters and numbers.(breaking encryption)
  1. 1. in spreadsheet, the intersection of a column and a row
  2. 2. third generation wireless communication allows high speed wireless data transfer.
  3. 4. language a low-level programing language that uses simple commands and is translated into machine language by assembler
  4. 5. the part of a network that connects other networks together
  5. 6. A special program that translates from a programming language (high level) to machine language (low level). Before the program is excuted
  6. 7. also refered to as a real time clock : on-board semiconductor chip powered by a CMOS battery inside computers that stores information such as the system time and date and the system hardware settings for your computer
  7. 9. software computer software created to allow the user to perform a specific job or task such as word processing (also called application program
  8. 10. protocol A set of rules that ensures the orderly and accurate transmission and reception of data
  9. 11. A computer concept whereby one computer (the client) requests information from another computer (the server).
  10. 15. virus a program designed to attach itself to a file, reproduce and spread from one file to another, destroying data, displaying messages or otherwise disrupting computer operations
  11. 18. describes the amount of data which can be transmitted via a network connection, digital measured in bits per second. Analog in Hertz
  12. 20. Interface type of user interface in which the user types commands or press special keys on the keyboard to enter data and instructions.
  13. 21. Pertaining to a number system that has just two unique digits 0 and 1
  14. 23. uses unique physical characteristics such as fingerprints, retinal scans, or voiceprints
  15. 24. hoc report A customized report (also called a demand report) generated as needed. 561
  16. 25. boards Public areas on the Internet where messages or comments can be posted for other board members to read and reply to
  17. 29. a program used to view HTML documents