Cord Blood Banking #101

  1. 3. How many factors should one look out for when it comes to choosing a family cord blood bank? (Please spell out the number)
  2. 4. Cord blood is a rich source of ______ Stem Cells?
  3. 7. You only have 1 chance to collect your baby’s umbilical cord blood, when is it?
  1. 1. Cord lining has a high concentration of _____ types of cells. (Please spell out the number)
  2. 2. How many diseases can cord blood treat? (Please spell out the number)
  3. 5. KK Women's and Children's Hospital embarked on their first-ever clinical trial for the treatment of _______ using cord blood reinfusion.
  4. 6. How many years of experience does Singapore’s longest standing family cord blood bank have? (Please spell out the number)