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  1. 3. The novel coronavirus _____ has drawn increased international attention as the virus quickly spreads across the world.
  2. 4. This brand-new virus can be transmitted between humans through droplets and _____.
  3. 6. Governments are implementing measures such as _____ and quarantine to contain the coronavirus.
  4. 9. It’s said that the virus is _____ during its incubation period.
  5. 10. If you want to reduce your risk of being infected with this disease, wear a _____ mask when you go to crowded public spaces.
  1. 1. Last Tuesday, Taiwan reported its first case of domestic person-to-person _____.
  2. 2. We could take precautions to prevent infection, such as washing hands regularly and avoiding _____ eyes, nose or mouth.
  3. 5. The 2019 novel coronavirus, or the so-called “Wuhan _____,” was first detected in Wuhan, China in December 2019.
  4. 7. As of today, over 40,000 confirmed _____ have been reported worldwide, and the global death toll has topped 900.
  5. 8. People infected with the 2019 novel coronavirus may have mild to severe respiratory illness with symptoms of _____, cough, and shortness of breath.