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  1. 2. .... our hands meticulously is a way to protect ourselves from getting infected
  2. 5. Measures taken to slow the spread of infection.
  3. 9. Strict isolation imposed to prevent the spread of disease.
  4. 10. the process of passing the infection from one person to the other.
  5. 12. If you show no evidence of a disease, you are...
  6. 16. An epidemic that has spread over a large area.
  7. 17. mass... are to be avoided or prohibited during an epidemic
  8. 18. COVID-19 is one
  9. 19. Quarantine measures are taken to ... the spread of the infection.
  10. 20. Complete separation from others
  1. 1. An epidemic causes enormous stress on national .... systems
  2. 3. The period between infection and the appearance of signs of a disease.
  3. 4. The ......to the virus can be fatal to our health.
  4. 6. Chloroquine is tested as possible... for the COVID-19
  5. 7. Examining a person to see if they have a disease
  6. 8. The coronavirus causes acute .... illnesses.Patients cannot breathe easily.
  7. 11. It is a state declared in cases of natural disasters or epidemics
  8. 13. COVID-19 is a kind of ....virus
  9. 14. ... and doctors work in hospitals
  10. 15. The state of being protected from a disease