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  1. 4. This country has three different writing systems called hiragana, katakana, and kanji.
  2. 6. This country created the first ballpoint pen factory and they call christmas "feliz navidad"
  3. 9. This country is shaped like a thin line going down the west of south america
  4. 11. Christmas was banned here from 1969 to 1998 and havana is the capital of this country
  5. 13. Follows asian cultures such as China, japan, and korea.
  6. 15. The shamrock is this country's flower
  7. 16. the world's smallest country
  8. 18. The world's longest railway is in this country
  9. 19. if you put every sing country in alphabetical order, this would be the first on the list and is popular for their famous pomegranates in asia
  10. 20. In this country there are 302 languages spoken.
  1. 1. the hardest country to escape
  2. 2. Once a person was only king for 20 minutes in this country
  3. 3. has the longest coastline in the world but it is the second largest country
  4. 5. The island east of africa
  5. 7. Not actually covered in ice
  6. 8. This country is the largest in south africa and has 4 different time zones
  7. 10. This country is known for its architect
  8. 12. Is a country and a continent
  9. 14. This country used to be named Persia
  10. 17. in this country only 74 percent of adults can read