1. 1. this scandanavian nation is known for frozen and fjords
  2. 3. this north african country is south of gibraltar and is the origin point of the fes, a red cap with a tassel
  3. 8. both bushes invaded this oil rich middle eastern country
  4. 10. this country in the persian gulf is hosting the world cup
  5. 12. this country is made of many islands, speaks tagalog and was colonized by spain, the us, and briefly japan
  6. 14. ikea
  7. 15. this island nation has lemurs and is known for a movie about penguins
  8. 16. home to more of the egyptian pyramids than egypt itself
  9. 18. this african island country was home to dodo birds
  10. 19. this country has the andes, incas, and machu picchu
  11. 23. canal between atlantic and pacific
  12. 24. kim k has heritage from here
  13. 26. colonized brazil
  14. 29. it is illegal to chew gum on the streets in this south east asian city state
  15. 31. this himalayan country has a dragon on its flag and doesnt recognize half of the world
  16. 32. more languages are spoken in this island nation than in any other country
  17. 33. this african country sounds a bit like 'can you?'
  18. 35. we got embarrassed in a war here, they also have the best egg rolls
  19. 36. this himalayan nation is home to mt everest, and is the only country to not have a rectangular flag
  20. 37. jewish people
  21. 39. tulips and windmills
  22. 43. this arabic nation has a very similar name to everyones favorite insane history teacher
  23. 44. this european country has a long coastline and is home to dalmatians
  24. 46. when you want food you are...
  25. 49. birthplace of stalin, not to be confused with the southern us state that surprisingly went blue in 2020
  26. 51. could have been ran by jeb bush
  27. 53. thanksgiving
  28. 54. mt kilimanjaro and safaris
  29. 55. this southeast asian nation recently underwent a coup,uses the imperial system and is also known as burma
  30. 57. this chain of islands in south east asia is the fourth most populous country in the world
  31. 59. carribean country and the birthplace of rihanna
  32. 60. the western part of czechoslovakia
  33. 61. genghis khan
  34. 65. add a second g and its the n word
  35. 67. this east african country is infamous for its pirates
  36. 68. israel stole a bunch of land from here
  37. 70. bull fighting
  38. 72. taliban
  39. 74. legos
  40. 76. the eastern half of czechoslovakia
  41. 79. this petrostate is home to the dumbest city in the world, dubai
  42. 80. mountains, watches, and neutrality
  43. 81. this north african country was home to gaddafi and has a name that sounds like a shortened version of 'liberals yeah'
  44. 82. this ultra wealthy european micro nation was carved out of the coastline of the french coastline, hosts a famous formula 1 race, and is the namesake for a douchey european designer outfitter
  45. 83. this middle eastern country undergoing civil war sounds like 'yeah man'
  46. 87. russias puppet and helped invade ukraine
  47. 90. nazis rumored to have gone here
  48. 91. this european microstate is deep in the alps
  49. 93. the most successful slave rebellion took place in this french speaking carribean country
  50. 95. the most populous country in africa, this country hosts a large number of both christians and muslims
  51. 96. oui
  52. 97. synonymous with sigma
  53. 98. polite lumberjacks
  54. 99. this south american country has oil and inflation
  55. 100. belgium committed atrocities in this large jungle country in africa
  1. 2. home of andrew tate
  2. 4. communism and the missile crisis
  3. 5. this african country saw a brutal genocide in the 90s
  4. 6. this african country resisted european colonization
  5. 7. (dr abebes first name) (lands surrounded by water)
  6. 9. borat
  7. 11. this country is the second most populous in the world and is home to t series
  8. 13. the largest country in south america
  9. 14. kim jong uns challenger
  10. 17. got invaded by russia
  11. 20. long and skinny, just like my-
  12. 21. formerly east pakistan, its the size of iowa and has more people than russia
  13. 22. for here or...
  14. 25. its name meaning black mountain, the ending of this country's name probably shouldn't be said on its own
  15. 27. anime
  16. 28. this oil rich shia muslim country had a hostage crisis in the 70s
  17. 30. gingers
  18. 34. putin
  19. 38. at the southern tip of africa
  20. 40. scarface, cocaine
  21. 41. islands near florida
  22. 42. weed and beaches
  23. 44. greek island off the coast of turkey
  24. 45. forest glenn takes a trip here
  25. 47. kim jong un
  26. 48. this violently homophobic middle eastern country is friends with the us
  27. 50. this middle eastern country almost sounds like it could be a lesbian support group
  28. 52. this country hates india and recently suffered record flooding
  29. 56. isis
  30. 58. island far north in europe, though it is not as icy as its name would make you think
  31. 59. half dutch and half french, its known for its chocalate
  32. 62. build a wall
  33. 63. the most conservative country in the eu and formerly the battleground of europe
  34. 64. this west african country's name sounds like the name of brody's girlfriend
  35. 66. pasta
  36. 69. this west african country shares a name with a song from frank oceans orange
  37. 71. fancy water
  38. 73. home of plato, aristotle, and socrates
  39. 75. last name of Michael,the NBAs greatest player of all time
  40. 77. upside down
  41. 78. this nordic will join nato and repelled the soviets in ww2
  42. 79. tea
  43. 84. some american slaves were returned to this west african country, its name is derived from liberty
  44. 85. hitler
  45. 86. some boys were stuck in a cave in this southeast asian country
  46. 88. the newest country and home to some of the tallest people in the world, manute bol, and his son bol bol
  47. 89. near australia and home to kiwis
  48. 92. pyramids
  49. 94. mercedes benz, biggest economy in europe