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  1. 5. Country that is an archipelago and is the 4th most populous country in the world
  2. 6. Island country formed by a volcano
  3. 10. Island country located right next to Italy
  4. 11. Newest country to be recognized by the UN
  5. 14. Country that has the least population density
  6. 16. Country formerly called Burma
  7. 17. County in Scandinavia just south of Sweden
  8. 19. country with a maple leaf on its flag
  9. 20. country that doesn't have as good pizza as New York:)
  10. 21. Country that has the Eiffel Tower and good pastries
  11. 22. Country that sounds like how you feel when your tummy rumbles
  1. 1. Country that could be entirely underwater in 10 years
  2. 2. Country often abbreviated UAE
  3. 3. Country with three capitals
  4. 4. Country that has the second highest mountain peak and 6th highest population
  5. 7. Country named after the latitude line in which it sits
  6. 8. Country thats flag is supposed to look like a setting sun
  7. 9. Country with a square flag
  8. 12. country thats flag is not a rectangle or a square
  9. 13. country that hosted the 2018 winter Olympic Games
  10. 15. Country that comes in second place for highest population and comes in third place for highest mountain
  11. 18. Country thats flag has the shape of itself on it