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  1. 4. Place where the big pyramids are located. The capital is Cairo. The first language in this country is arab.
  2. 7. This country is situated on the verge of the South of the Balkan Peninsula, his capital is Athens and possesses a very known object which is a kind of stone accompanied of a kind of eye.
  3. 8. It’s a beautiful country of Europe , the capital is Zagreb and many persons go there in vacation for the landscape.
  4. 12. fifth largest island in the world, his currency is the ariary and his capital is named Antananarivo. 17w
  5. 14. His big city is Istanbul, this country which is situated the major part of this one in Asia has for very known monument, the blue Mosque which is very popular.
  6. 17. Stars, placed above the flag, represent 13 founding states which would have create the country. Bands indicate the union which represented 13 founders and the country is the third most populated country.
  7. 21. Place where a big part of the second world war happened. It is located in Europe.
  8. 22. this country is located in the northwest of south America , with territories in central america , the primary language is the spanish but it has 68 ethnic languages and dialects .
  9. 24. This country’s motto is” Out of Many, One People” and the flag of this country is green , yellow and black.
  10. 25. It’s an Archipelago of Southeast Asia , the capital is name Manille , it has 7 107 islands and the name of the country is plural.
  11. 26. This country is beside the Costa Rica and the Colombia , it’s a place really visited by tourists.
  12. 27. His capital is Nassau. This country occupied 700 islands situated in the Atlantic Ocean and contains 32 districts since 1989.
  13. 28. You are in this country at this moment. The winters are really cold and summers are hot.
  14. 29. The country is the the tenth most populated and has a picture of a type of tree to better define the country. 21w
  1. 1. The country where the Machu Picchu is located. The first language in this country is Spanish.
  2. 2. A lot of people go there for vacation. The country has a form of boot.
  3. 3. The first letter of this country is a “A”. There are a lot kangaroo in this country.
  4. 5. This is a small country, it is in Europe and it’s flag is red white and blue.
  5. 6. This country is one of the twenty first world economic power and his flag contains the green, white and red as color as well as a kind of animal situated in the centre.
  6. 9. It’s beside Dominican Republic and it’s a very poor country because it has many natural disasters there.
  7. 10. The capital of this country is Prague. It is located in Europe. The flag’s color are white, blue and red.
  8. 11. May 25, 1810, the country wants independence, named May revolution, his capital is Buenos Aires and his flag has a blue and white color that refer to symbols that what happened May 25, 1810.
  9. 13. The name of this country has two words , it’s located in central America and the capital is San José.
  10. 15. Islam is the biggest religion in this country. The country is divided on two Island.
  11. 16. The cultural dance of this country is Haka. It is located in Oceania. It is constituated of two big islands and many little islands.
  12. 18. It is a country located in Asia. The capital of this country is Bangkok. The language the people speak is Thai.
  13. 19. The capital of this country is Madrid ,the official language is spanish and it’s in Europe.
  14. 20. He is situated in the middle of Germanic Europe and Romanic Europe and possesses several emblems. He also has as converses "Unity is strength" translated in English.
  15. 23. It’s a country who is located near the Mediterranean Sea and the name of this country finishes with aco.
  16. 28. this country is very polluted and is one of the most populous countries. He suffers from many problems of atmosphere and is one of the oldest civilization in the world.