1. 4. Used to own Hong Kong
  2. 6. A country that is hot for most of the year, English people love to go on holiday there
  3. 9. This country speaks German, French and Italian, also has delicious chocolate
  4. 12. What country is made from many volcanic Islands?
  5. 15. This country is famous for perfume, luxury brands, big noses and eating frogs legs
  6. 16. North of Japan, East of China and South of Russia are 2 countries that were 1
  7. 17. What is a country that used to belong to Russia and is very hard country to spell?
  8. 20. Ankara is the capital of this country
  9. 22. This countries language also means to make something smooth and shiny
  10. 23. A country on the bottom of Africa
  11. 25. What country was called Persia?
  12. 26. They also speak Mandarin as an official language
  13. 27. What country has the most fast food restaurants?
  14. 30. Many types of curries and spicy foods come from here, they also eat with their hands
  1. 1. One of only a few countries to still have a Queen
  2. 2. This North American country speak the second biggest language and its capital has 100,000,000 people
  3. 3. What is the name of your country?
  4. 5. This country owns Greenland, also makes very delicious biscuits
  5. 7. America went to war this country many years ago, Russia also many many years ago
  6. 8. What is the only country that has an edible coat of arms?
  7. 10. What country looks like a big boot?
  8. 11. This country is made of 2 islands and is not a Western country, it is very Eastern
  9. 13. Islamabad is the capital of this country
  10. 14. Famous for its spicy foods and curry, also has a King
  11. 17. This country spaeks English and French, is also very cold
  12. 18. What China was called before 1911
  13. 19. Will host the next olympic games
  14. 21. What country has pharoahs', sphinxs'and many other wonders?
  15. 24. the official name of this country is Deutschland
  16. 28. Part of another country that used to belong to portugal
  17. 29. Instead of a King or Emperor, tis country had Tsars.