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  1. 6. This country is famous for the Amazon rain forest.
  2. 8. Soccer and rugby are from this country.
  3. 9. Nairobi is the capital of this country.
  4. 11. Mont Blanc is the tallest mountain in this country.
  5. 14. People in this country love spicy food.
  6. 15. This country has very delicious food.
  1. 1. This country is close to Japan.
  2. 2. This country is famous for the Swiss Alps.
  3. 3. This is a very big country with many people.
  4. 4. This country is famous for curry.
  5. 5. Ice hockey is the most popular sport in this country.
  6. 7. Michael is from this country.
  7. 10. The Rhine is the most famous river in this country.
  8. 12. This is the largest country in the world.
  9. 13. The Day of the Dead is a famous festival in this country.