1. 5. an unnaturally high voice at the end of the second line of almost every stanza
  2. 10. Artist responsible for the evolution of bluegrass music
  3. 11. An early name for country music; originally a negative term
  4. 13. Music originated in Texas; hybrid of country and big band jazz
  5. 14. First crossover star
  6. 15. Instrument used in country music acquired from Africa
  7. 16. Dominant instrument in country music
  1. 1. a characteristic of singing style in country music; sounds like singing through the nose in addition to being high and strained
  2. 2. Symbolized by the hippie, the cowboy, the Texan; also called outlaw music
  3. 3. Radio begins Grand Ole Opry; overdubbing and echo effects
  4. 4. Most significant mainstream country star of the 1940s
  5. 6. Father of country music;created the "Blue Yodel"
  6. 7. Sliding the back of a knife or a broken bottle top on the guitar strings
  7. 8. Best known country musician associated with neo-honky-tonk music
  8. 9. Music with acoustic string band, fast tempo, high-pitched singing, blues influence
  9. 12. More realistic cowboy music that was louder and more piercing