1. 5. Korea A country in East Asia known for its advanced technology and K-pop music. It has a rich cultural heritage and delicious cuisine like kimchi.
  2. 6. A country in Southeast Asia known for its lush landscapes and delicious cuisine. It's famous for its historical sites, vibrant markets, and traditional ao dai dress.
  3. 7. A country with ancient ruins like Machu Picchu and the vibrant Inca culture. It's known for its llamas, alpacas, and delicious ceviche.
  4. 9. A country with a blend of different cultures and delicious street food. It has stunning rainforests and the iconic Petronas Twin Towers.
  5. 10. A country known for its passion for soccer and tango dancing. It's home to the majestic Andes Mountains and delicious steaks.
  6. 11. A country famous for its stunning alpine landscapes and delicious chocolates. It's known for its precision watches and efficient train system.
  7. 14. A country with a rich ancient history and beautiful islands. It's known for its mythical gods, ancient ruins, and tasty souvlaki.
  1. 1. A country with beautiful beaches and a vibrant street life. It's famous for its temples, spicy cuisine, and the annual water festival called Songkran.
  2. 2. A country in southern Africa known for its ancient ruins and breathtaking natural beauty. It's home to the majestic Victoria Falls and abundant wildlife in its national parks.
  3. 3. States A country with diverse landscapes, from stunning national parks to bustling cities. It's known for its iconic landmarks like the Statue of Liberty and the Grand Canyon.
  4. 4. A country located in East Africa known for its diverse wildlife and safaris. It's home to the Maasai people and the Great Rift Valley.
  5. 8. Arabia A country in the Middle East known for its vast deserts and rich Islamic heritage. It's home to the holy city of Mecca and towering sand dunes.
  6. 12. A country located at the crossroads of Europe and Asia known for its rich history and diverse culture. It's famous for its kebabs and beautiful mosques.
  7. 13. Zealand A country known for its breathtaking landscapes and adventure activities. It's famous for its Maori culture and the Haka dance.