1. 1. A country with delicious tacos, vibrant culture, and colorful fiestas.
  2. 4. Africa A country known for wildlife safaris, Nelson Mandela, and beautiful beaches.
  3. 6. A country known for kangaroos, koalas, and the Great Barrier Reef.
  4. 11. A country with ancient ruins, mythology, and delicious feta cheese.
  5. 12. A country with vast landscapes, nesting dolls, and ballet.
  6. 13. A country famous for sushi, anime, and beautiful cherry blossoms.
  7. 14. A country with a rich history, the Great Wall, and tasty dumplings.
  8. 15. A country with snowy winters, maple syrup, and friendly people.
  1. 2. A country with ancient pyramids, pharaohs, and the Nile River.
  2. 3. A country with diverse traditions, spicy food, and beautiful saris.
  3. 5. States A large country with diverse landscapes, famous landmarks, and Hollywood.
  4. 7. A country famous for tango dance, soccer, and juicy steaks.
  5. 8. A country famous for sausages, castles, and the Autobahn.
  6. 9. A country with amazing soccer, samba music, and stunning beaches.
  7. 10. A country known for the Eiffel Tower, croissants, and art.