1. 5. Kingdom A European nation made up of England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland.
  2. 9. States A large nation in North America known for its diverse landscape and Statue of Liberty.
  3. 10. A country in North America known for its ancient Mayan ruins and delicious cuisine.
  4. 11. The second-largest country by land area, situated in North America, famous for maple syrup.
  5. 12. The largest nation in the world, spanning across Europe and Asia.
  6. 15. A North African country with a rich history, known for the Great Pyramids and the Nile River.
  1. 1. Located in Western Europe, known for flamenco dancing and the Gaudi-designed Sagrada Familia.
  2. 2. An East Asian island nation known for advanced technology, cherry blossoms, and sushi.
  3. 3. A country and continent known for its unique wildlife, Sydney Opera House, and beaches.
  4. 4. Situated in Europe, known for its automotive industry and Oktoberfest celebration.
  5. 6. A South Asian nation famous for the Taj Mahal, diverse culture, and spicy cuisine.
  6. 7. The largest nation in South America, home to the Amazon rainforest and Rio de Janeiro.
  7. 8. A European country famous for the Eiffel Tower, fine dining, and the Louvre Museum.
  8. 13. Korea An East Asian country known for K-pop music, advanced technology, and kimchi.
  9. 14. A European country shaped like a boot, famous for the Colosseum, pasta, and pizza.