1. 2. The events and developments of the past in a country
  2. 6. The system or group of people governing a country
  3. 7. The status of belonging to a particular country
  4. 11. The customs, arts, and achievements of a country
  5. 13. A system of government where people elect their leaders
  6. 14. The study of the Earth's physical features and resources
  1. 1. The number of people living in a country
  2. 3. The main city or town that serves as the center of a country
  3. 4. A piece of cloth with colors and symbols representing a country
  4. 5. The type of money used in a country
  5. 8. A belief, custom, or practice passed down through generations
  6. 9. The traditions, customs, and values inherited from ancestors
  7. 10. The line that separates one country from another
  8. 12. The system of communication used by people in a country