1. 2. American A country located in the continent of South America, known for its vibrant cultures, ancient civilizations, and diverse landscapes. Examples include Brazil and Peru.
  2. 4. A country that does not have a coastline or access to the ocean. It is entirely surrounded by land. Examples include Switzerland and Mongolia.
  3. 5. A group of islands clustered together, forming a distinct geographical area. Examples include the Philippines and Indonesia.
  4. 6. A term referring to the countries in Northern Europe that have similar cultural, historical, and political characteristics. Examples include Sweden and Finland.
  5. 10. A country located in or near the Earth's tropical region, characterized by warm climates, lush vegetation, and diverse wildlife. Examples include Brazil and Thailand.
  6. 12. A country made up of smaller states or regions that have some degree of autonomy but are governed by a central authority. Examples include Russia and the United States.
  7. 14. A country located in the continent of Africa, known for its diverse cultures, wildlife, and natural beauty. Examples include Kenya and South Africa.
  8. 15. Eastern A country located in the region of the Middle East, known for its rich history, unique architecture, and cultural traditions. Examples include Saudi Arabia and Jordan.
  9. 16. A country located in the Pacific Ocean region, often associated with beautiful beaches, tropical climates, and unique marine ecosystems. Examples include Fiji and the Cook Islands.
  1. 1. A country in which the government's power comes from its citizens, who elect representatives to make decisions on their behalf. Examples include the United States and France.
  2. 3. A system of government in which the citizens have the power to participate in decision-making through voting. Examples include Canada and Australia.
  3. 7. A small landmass surrounded by water, often independent or part of a larger country. Examples include the Maldives and Jamaica.
  4. 8. A group of countries that have historical ties to the United Kingdom and share certain political, economic, or cultural characteristics. Examples include Australia and Canada.
  5. 9. A country mostly covered by desert or arid landscapes, with limited vegetation and scarce water resources. Examples include Saudi Arabia and Namibia.
  6. 11. A country with a king, queen, emperor, or empress as the head of state. Examples include the United Kingdom and Japan.
  7. 13. A country located in the continent of Europe, known for its rich history, diverse cultures, and architectural landmarks. Examples include France and Germany.