1. 2. A country known for K-pop and Korean BBQ.
  2. 4. A country with ancient pyramids and the Sphinx.
  3. 6. A North American country known for tacos and ancient ruins.
  4. 7. An island country known for sushi and anime.
  5. 9. A continent and country with unique animals like kangaroos and koalas.
  6. 12. A big country with the Kremlin and famous ballet.
  7. 14. A country known for the Taj Mahal and spicy food like curry.
  8. 15. A big country with maple syrup and ice hockey.
  1. 1. A country with beautiful wildlife like lions and elephants.
  2. 3. A vast country with the Great Wall and delicious dumplings.
  3. 5. An island country with stunning nature like mountains and fjords.
  4. 8. A large country with the Amazon Rainforest and famous for soccer.
  5. 10. A big country with the Statue of Liberty and Hollywood.
  6. 11. A European country with the Eiffel Tower and yummy croissants.
  7. 13. A European country famous for pizza and pasta.