1. 2. Jungle Book A boy raised by wolves must find his place in the animal kingdom while avoiding the threat of Shere Khan, a fearsome tiger
  2. 4. Out The emotions inside a young girl's mind must work together to save her from falling into a state of depression
  3. 5. Nemo A clownfish sets out on a journey to find his son, who has been captured by a scuba diver
  4. 6. Two sisters, one with the power to control ice and snow, must save their kingdom when the older sister's powers cause an eternal winter
  5. 8. A young girl sets out on a voyage across the ocean to save her island and restore the heart of goddess Te Fiti
  6. 10. Story Woody, a pull-string cowboy toy, is threatened by a new spaceman toy called Buzz Lightyear and they become unlikely friends
  7. 11. A street urchin falls in love with a princess and gets his hands on a magical lamp that has a genie inside
  8. 12. and the Beast A young woman falls in love with a prince cursed to be a beast and must help him break the curse before it's too late
  1. 1. Incredibles A family of superheroes must save the world from a supervillain while hiding their powers from society
  2. 2. Little Mermaid A mermaid falls in love with a human prince and makes a deal with an evil sea witch to become human
  3. 3. A young woman is mistreated by her stepmother and stepsisters but with the help of a fairy godmother, she gets to attend the royal ball
  4. 7. Potter and the Philosopher's Stone A young boy discovers he is a wizard and attends a school of magic while learning about his family's past
  5. 9. Poppins A magical nanny is hired to care for two kids and teaches them important lessons with the help of her friend Bert
  6. 10. Lion King A young lion prince is caught in a trap and must find a way to become king and stop his evil uncle
  7. 13. An elderly man sets out on a journey to fulfill his lifelong dream of traveling to South America, with an unexpected companion