1. 1. Africa African country with diverse cultures, wildlife, and natural beauty.
  2. 3. Asian country with ancient history, great wall, and modern development.
  3. 4. South Asian country with diverse culture, history, and spirituality.
  4. 7. European country known for engineering, art, and rich history.
  5. 9. Largest country with a rich history, famous landmarks, and vast wilderness.
  6. 10. Vast country with beautiful landscapes and friendly people.
  7. 12. Country known for its unique wildlife, stunning beaches, and outback.
  1. 2. Historic country with monarchy, known for its rich literature and culture.
  2. 5. Diverse country known for freedom, democracy, and cultural melting pot.
  3. 6. Island nation with rich history, modern technology, and unique culture.
  4. 8. European country known for art, fashion, and delicious cuisine.
  5. 11. South American country with vibrant culture, music, and football passion.