1. 5. A country with a colorful culture and ancient history.
  2. 6. A country known for its delicious cuisine and vibrant festivals.
  3. 9. A vast country spanning Europe and Asia, known for its landscapes.
  4. 10. A country with a rich history and diverse culture.
  5. 11. Kingdom A country with a royal history and distinct regions.
  6. 12. A nation with a lively culture, rainforests, and beaches.
  1. 1. A land known for its unique wildlife and Outback.
  2. 2. States A large country in North America known for its diversity.
  3. 3. An island nation with advanced technology and traditions.
  4. 4. Africa A nation with diverse wildlife and cultures.
  5. 7. A country with ancient pyramids and a long history.
  6. 8. A nation famous for art, fashion, and delicious food.
  7. 10. A country with vast landscapes and cold winters.
  8. 13. A country with a rich history, art, and cuisine.