1. 3. Africa From Table Mountain vistas to Mandela's legacy and diverse wildlife.
  2. 4. Andes mountains, ancient Incan city Machu Picchu, and alpacas roaming.
  3. 6. Tango rhythms, vast pampas, and Patagonia's scenic beauty.
  4. 7. Stunning beaches, golden temples, and spicy street foods.
  5. 9. Connecting Europe and Asia, with bazaars, kebabs, and ancient ruins.
  6. 10. Northern Lights, fjords, and midnight sun.
  7. 11. Thousands of islands, volcanoes, and delicious satay dishes.
  1. 1. Atlantic beaches, Fado music, and mouthwatering pastries.
  2. 2. Lush green fields, folklore, and warm-hearted pubs.
  3. 3. Flamenco dances, bullfights, and delicious paella dishes.
  4. 4. Historic cities, hearty meals, and beautiful Tatra Mountains.
  5. 5. Floating markets, Pho soup, and Halong Bay's limestone pillars.
  6. 8. Land of fast cars, fairy-tale castles, and Oktoberfest.
  7. 10. Zealand Scenic landscapes from "The Lord of the Rings" and the traditional Haka dance.