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Country Crossword!

  1. 2. This country's flag is red, black and yellow
  2. 5. Kim Jong-un is a dictator of this place
  3. 8. This country shares the same name as an animal usually eaten on thanksgiving
  4. 10. Some people say this country is located in Europe, others say Asia
  5. 11. This country is known for maple syrup
  6. 13. The capital city of this place is Amsterdam
  7. 14. Tacos come from this country
  8. 18. Barack Obama is the president of this country
  9. 19. Croissants are known to come from this place
  10. 20. This country used to be called the Soviet Union
  1. 1. Queen Elizabeth is the ruler of this country
  2. 3. This country is known for kangaroos, boomerangs and vegemite
  3. 4. Nelson Mandela was the president of this nation
  4. 6. The land of the pyramids
  5. 7. The world's tallest building is located here
  6. 9. The Meiji Era was part of this country's history
  7. 12. People who come from here are called kiwis
  8. 15. Most products are made here
  9. 16. This country has a tree on its flag
  10. 17. This is the only country that starts with the letter 'Q'