Country Terms

  1. 4. talk, to speak harshly
  2. 7. a person from the North
  3. 8. hankerin’ for, a desire/craving for
  4. 10. potato
  5. 11. family, especially extended family
  6. 13. large, heavy shoes like those worn by farmers
  7. 16. pants
  8. 19. a bar, perhaps where country music is played live for folks to dance
  9. 22. an animal (usually wild)
  10. 23. broken/destroyed, as in, “I came home to find the curtains all tore up,” or, “My knee has been tore up since that skiing accident back in ’93.”
  1. 1. affection, as in, “Come here and give me some sugar.”
  2. 2. difficult to deal with; stubborn; finicky
  3. 3. to leave hurriedly
  4. 5. snobby
  5. 6. to press or push, as in, “Mash that green button and turn on the computer.”
  6. 7. a contraction of you + all. This is the informal 2nd person plural in Southern English.
  7. 9. cotton, wealthy; successful (and maybe snobby)
  8. 12. getting ready/preparing to, as in, “I’m fixin’ to go to the Wal-Mart. Do y’all need anything?”
  9. 14. to drive slowly so as to get a good look at a wreck or disabled vehicle on the side of the road. Those who rubber-neck are rubber-neckers.
  10. 15. suppose, guess, as in, “I reckon we’ll see you at the reunion.”
  11. 17. can’t carry a tune in a bucket
  12. 18. young people
  13. 20. up, cleaned up and dressed very nicely (perhaps formally)
  14. 21. mouth