Courier Crossword Corner May 24, 2023

  1. 5. Composer of original composition designed for Niwot High School Symphonic Band
  2. 6. Bob West's breed of cattle originated in this country
  3. 8. The name of the musical composition by Gus Brockmann
  4. 10. Stephen Codevilla's best individual result was in this 100 yard event at the Class 4A boys swim and dive state championships
  5. 13. A successful Clean-Up Day saw a consistent amount of this
  6. 16. RTD said open house response to this issue was mostly positive
  7. 17. Bob Bowron and family moved to Boulder because of this ailment
  8. 18. Una Vida and Inkberry Books will host this cowboy architect to speak about his memoir
  1. 1. Ribbon cutting ceremony on May 20 unveiled this new part of the Left HandGrange
  2. 2. Boulder City Council will determine whether these vehicles will be allowed on open space trails
  3. 3. Boulder County Commissioner town hall discussed valuation of this in Boulder County
  4. 4. NHS bands' final concert of the school year
  5. 7. Paola Ramirez plays this instrument for NHS' Mariachi Ensemble and Advanced Jazz Band
  6. 9. NHS junior, Stephen Codevilla, swims for this swim and dive team
  7. 11. NHS' baseball team was said to have "put Niwot baseball back" on this
  8. 12. Around the World Day included this Jamaican "departure" song
  9. 14. Number of consecutive Class 4A state titles enjoyed by the NHS girls track and field team
  10. 15. Gunbarrel Estates' former name