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  1. 2. which virus is responsible for COVID-19?
  2. 3. What is the Incubation Period of COVID-19?
  3. 6. What is the test used to detect corona virus?
  4. 10. Who has declared COVID-19 an epidemic?
  5. 11. How long we should was our hands by following seven steps?
  6. 15. What type of infection does covid cause?
  7. 16. The disease that has spread to multiple countries and continents called?
  8. 17. First case of novel Corona virus was identified in?
  9. 20. Which country did the COVID-19 outbreak start?
  10. 21. Which age groups are more suspected to corona virus?
  11. 22. The First and the common symptoms of corona virus?
  12. 23. Name the genetic material present in the corona virus?
  13. 24. Corona virus affects which part of the human body?
  14. 25. A disease that can can be transmitted to humans from animals called?
  1. 1. What is the most common method to prevent the entry of corona virus?
  2. 4. Indian Government launches which app for COVID-19?
  3. 5. A highly infected people who can spread the infection to large number of people called?
  4. 7. latin meaning of corona called?
  5. 8. Which medicine has India exported to America?
  6. 9. Which state became the first State to declare corona virus as an epidemic?
  7. 12. who announced an official name for the Corona virus as?
  8. 13. Which is the safe method of disposal of dead bodies affected by corona virus?
  9. 14. Which is commonly used to kill the virus from our hands?
  10. 18. Corona virus belong to the large family of virus called?
  11. 19. India's first corona virus case confirmed in?