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  1. 2. Covid-19 is caused by this type of single cell organism
  2. 4. A term often used as a synonym for mask
  3. 6. Disease characterized by persistently high blood sugar
  4. 7. The country with the highest total cases of Covid-19 at at May 1, 2020
  5. 10. The organisation responsible for monitoring health in the americas
  6. 13. The month in which Covid-19 was reported as an emerging problem
  7. 16. Fine droplets suspended in air
  8. 17. (adj.) Can be spread from person to person
  9. 18. The unit of measurement used for virus and other particles blocked by N95 masks
  10. 22. Covid-19 is version 2 of this condition
  11. 25. The organisation responsible for monitoring global health
  12. 26. (adj) [of a disease] transmissible from animals to humans; normally impacting animals but may infect humans
  1. 1. This is what MERS stands for
  2. 3. The city and country in which Covid-19 was first observed and reported
  3. 5. A common respiratory condition in Barbados which involves wheezing
  4. 8. Disease characterised by persistently high blood pressure
  5. 9. The practice of maintaining safe separation between individuals to reduce spreading diseases
  6. 11. An epidemic which impacts the entire globe
  7. 12. (n) Movement of a disease from person to person, for example
  8. 14. the type of genetic material found in Covid-19
  9. 15. Another disease/condition that can cause severe complications with Covid-19
  10. 19. The US state most affected by Covid-19
  11. 20. Another disease caused by a Covid-19 cousin
  12. 21. changes in the genetic code of an organism
  13. 23. this disease has caused past pandemics
  14. 24. a Nordic country that never implemented a shut-down due to Covid-19