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  1. 5. when something is capable of being spread through relatively simple means
  2. 8. a method of working someones lungs when they cant do it themselves
  3. 11. the country of origin for COVID-19
  4. 12. i am doing this
  5. 13. another symptom of covid-19 involving a heightened temperature
  6. 14. the animal that many believe covid-19 comes from
  7. 16. a disease which only affects a small area
  8. 18. a method of defending ones self from covid-19
  9. 19. a large shutdown of an area susceptible to COVID-19
  10. 21. something covid-19 is very good at
  1. 1. a type of disease which effects the respiratory system
  2. 2. those who are most susceptible to COVID-19
  3. 3. the best method of defending against covid-19
  4. 4. the act of distancing yourself from other people in public in order to avoid infection by COVID-19
  5. 6. a word to describe people who think COVID-19 was made by the Chinese government as a bio weapon
  6. 7. the environment where COVID-19 originates
  7. 9. the city in which COVID-19 originates
  8. 10. a disease which is affecting an entire population
  9. 15. feelings or side effects of a disease or virus
  10. 17. one of the symptoms of covid-19
  11. 20. those who are second most susceptible to COVID-19