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  1. 1. Something you do when you are sick; one of the symptoms of COVID-19
  2. 6. The growth trend of total cases in the beginning of a disease outbreak
  3. 7. Severe economic ______ is caused by COVID-19
  4. 10. To kill all viruses and bacteria in an area or on a surface
  5. 11. The measure of how likely a person will die from a disease; calculated by total deaths divided by total cases
  6. 13. COVID-19 was characterized as a pandemic by WHO on the 11th of _____
  7. 15. Something that can prevent COVID-19 but still being developed
  8. 17. if a disease is able to transmit through air, it is said to be _
  1. 1. The starting country of COVID-19
  2. 2. What are the colour of the safe zone
  3. 3. A disease that is prevalent over the entire world
  4. 4. The second most affected country; the country that is predicted to be the new epicenter of COVID-19 by the end of June
  5. 5. To give someone a disease
  6. 8. The country that seems to be controlling COVID-19 fine in terms of deaths
  7. 9. The disease class that COVID-19 belongs to
  8. 12. One of the symptoms of COVID-19; increase of temperature
  9. 13. The total number of COVID-19 cases has reached over 5 ______
  10. 14. Something that can help you prevent COVID-19 infection
  11. 16. The country that is most affected by COVID-19