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COVID-19 Crossword

  1. 2. COVID-19 often has a long _____ period, where individuals are infected but may not show symptoms.
  2. 3. An infectious agent that enters the body and attempts to reproduce
  3. 8. A group of RNA viruses that produce a variety of symptoms in animals and humans; COVID-19
  4. 11. Limiting or halting in-person connections in an attempt to prevent the spread of a disease
  5. 12. An article placed on the face to prevent airborne spread of COVID-19.
  6. 13. What you are supposed to do after being exposed to/being a suspected/confirmed infection
  7. 15. Social _____ was heavily emphasized in the beginning of the pandemic
  8. 16. It is possible for someone to be ______, and show no symptoms after infection
  1. 1. An easy way to prevent the spread of COVID-19 is by washing your ____.
  2. 3. Used to develop antibodies; Pfizer, Moderna
  3. 4. An epidemic of infectious diseases
  4. 5. COVID-19 often has similar symptoms to this yearly virus
  5. 6. A common symptom of COVID-19; One of the most efficient methods for COVID-19 to spread
  6. 7. Flattening the _____ was an important metaphor earlier in the pandemic, referencing slowing the spread of COVID-19 to prevent the filling of hospitals.
  7. 9. An event that is directly responsible for a large amount of spread of an infectious disease
  8. 10. A disease caused by a coronavirus that created a smaller epidemic in 2003.
  9. 13. Having the ability to resist symptoms and spread of a particular disease
  10. 14. People infected with COVID-19 often lose their _____.
  11. 16. Proteins in our body that has the ability to recognize a disease as alien and enemy