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Covid cross

  1. 4. a period of isolation where people that have been exposed to infectious or contagious disease are placed
  2. 6. second name for covid-19
  3. 10. what did the World Health Organization declare the COVID‑19 outbreak
  4. 11. how did schools teach when the lock down started
  5. 13. most common form of clothing worn to protect against covid-19
  6. 14. date of first official covid-19 case
  7. 15. What length is declared proper social distancing
  1. 1. Which city is reported to have the first covid-19 case
  2. 2. the first animal to have covid-19
  3. 3. a microscopic parasite that can infect living organisms and cause disease
  4. 5. when was covid-19 first declared a pandemic
  5. 7. First country to have covid-19
  6. 8. what was the first state to require face coverings
  7. 9. first state to have a covid-19 infected person
  8. 12. date when covid-19 first was detected in the USA