CPSC 421 OOP Constructors and Initialization

  1. 2. Operator used to allocate memory from the heap
  2. 4. Initializes the allocated memory but does not allocate it
  3. 5. Constructors are called in the sequence they appear in this
  4. 6. Version of C++ that introduced non-static member initialization
  5. 10. The _____ _____ ____ is the part of the constructor definition that allows control over which constructor is called for the fields
  6. 12. Memory for these is constructed first in an object
  1. 1. Non-static member ___________ should be used when appropriate and helps ensure fields are not forgotten
  2. 3. It is ____ ____ use the member initialization list as much as possible and don't wait for a problem to utilize it
  3. 7. Memory from this area is allocated using the operator "new"
  4. 8. Size of an empty class, in bytes, to ensure unique addresses
  5. 9. The size of an object includes the size of the fields plus this
  6. 11. Memory for the object is allocated from this area if not from the heap