CPSC 421 OOP Cohesion

  1. 3. In ______ Cohesion, each works on their own data and the action is based on the ordering of steps. May be the highest cohesion possible/desirable.
  2. 6. _______ Cohesion is where the each method performs a single action or achieves a single goal, and has high reuse because the element is completely independent
  3. 9. ______ measure on an individual class/object/module/method
  4. 10. Reduce ____ for fixes and enhancements
  5. 11. Good cohesion allows for _______
  6. 12. In applicability, at the same level as a class
  7. 13. ______ Cohesion performs a series of actions that are related by time occurrence, e.g., startup or shutdown, and the addition of subsystems may require additions to multiple modules
  8. 14. In ________ Cohesion the element performs a number of actions on a shared data structure and is truly object oriented
  9. 16. In applicability, at the same level as a method
  1. 1. In _____ Cohesion we place actions together because they are performed in order. It requires a crisp abstraction that then becomes the name of the method.
  2. 2. In ______ Cohesion, the action is based on the ordering of steps, related by usage in ordering, and changes to the ordering of steps or purpose of steps requires changing the element abstraction
  3. 3. ______ Cohesion performs multiple, completely unrelated actions, and is often based on factors outside of the design
  4. 4. A cohesive class is much easier to ________ because it has a single purpose
  5. 5. Cohesion is the degree of _______ among the elements of a single module and in object-oriented design, a single class/object
  6. 7. Increased _______ since the class is usable in multiple ways in many different projects or the same project
  7. 8. Goal of cohesion is to _______ internal interaction among subelements
  8. 13. Good cohesion simplifies ______
  9. 15. _____ Cohesion performs a series of related actions, but is not based on the primary logical association, and often includes both high and low-level actions (in terms of abstraction) in the same class