CPSC 480 Software Evolution

  1. 3. Start with an existing project/environment and create a finished product with existing code, design, or previous system
  2. 4. Maintenance category where we change the software to fit new environment (API, compiler)
  3. 5. Maintenance category where we detect and correct latent problems before they become actual problems
  4. 9. Software evolution does not __________ between development and maintenance
  5. 11. _____ Evolution = Software Development + Software Maintenance
  6. 12. Maintenance category where we improve performance or maintainability
  7. 13. Most development in the _____ world is brownfield development
  8. 14. Maintenance of software is ____ the same as maintenance in other fields
  1. 1. Maintenance category where we fix bugs/problems
  2. 2. Overwhelming part of the cost of the system over its lifetime (80%). However, typically not built into the cost structure
  3. 6. There is little pure greenfield ______ in the real world
  4. 7. Start with nothing and create a finished product, no existing code, design, or previous system
  5. 8. Much of what software developers do can be seen as being maintenance _______
  6. 10. Most SE books, education, processes, tools, etc., treat brownfield development as a _____ topic
  7. 11. Most SE books, education, processes, tools, etc. ____ greenfield development