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Creating Collaborative Partnerships

  1. 3. How many mental health units does TWC have?
  2. 5. When Housing outgrew Colima where did they relocate to?
  3. 7. How many Parent Enrichment Sites do we have?
  4. 12. Diego, Which housing staff left TWC and has returned?
  5. 13. Sedano, Who is housing's amazing leader?
  6. 16. What other rental program does housing provide
  7. 17. Fe Springs, Where will TWC develop housing?
  8. 18. Park, Where is the Safe Families Interm Housing Located
  9. 19. What is the highest acuity mental health program at TWC?
  1. 1. What population does housing serve
  2. 2. What City is Housings new facility located
  3. 4. Health-, What was the first service provided by TWC?
  4. 6. Besides therapists and case managers, what other service providers does Mental Health have?
  5. 8. What class were our nutrition staff recently certified in?
  6. 9. What is another word for therapist?
  7. 10. 1, 2011, When did housing first begin at TWC
  8. 11. What does FSC stand for
  9. 14. How many certified school sites does TWC have to provide Mental Health Services In?
  10. 15. Mental health's identified client is an individual, housing's identified client is a family, what is Nutrition's identified identified client?
  11. 16. Educator, What is the name of the service providers in Parent Enrichment?