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creative cooking crossword

  1. 1. To rub foods, such as hard cheese, citrus peel and spices over a grater to produce very fine particles.
  2. 5. To toss salads with salad dresing.
  3. 10. To remove with a spoon a layer of fat or foam that rises to the top of coooking liquids.
  4. 11. jus Natural untichen juices that collect while roasting meat.
  5. 13. To transform a solid piece of food into smaller pieces using a meatgrinder, food processor or mortar and pestle.
  6. 15. To dip or roll foods in flour ,sugar or a sauce until covered.
  7. 17. To stir or beattwo or more ingredients together with a spoon or fork until well combined.
  8. 18. To quickly and gently mix ingredients with a spoon and fork ,often used in salads or pastas.
  9. 21. To make thin slashes on the surface of meats to tenderize or decorate.
  10. 22. To make a mixture smooth by rapidly mixing with a spoonfork, wire wisk or electric mixer.
  11. 23. To remove the seed area of an apple or pear using a coring tool or a small knife.
  12. 24. To romove skin form fruits and vegetable using a small knife or vegetable peeler.
  13. 25. To cut herbs into small pieces using kitchen shears.
  14. 26. To break up small pieces of butter and distribute over the top of a dish, casserole or pie.
  15. 28. To remove the outter leaves from an ear of corn.
  1. 2. To place pieces of meat and vegetables onto skewers for instance, when making kabobs.
  2. 3. To cut foods into 1/2 to 1 inch pieces that are square in shape.
  3. 4. cut To cut foods diagonally into thick or thin slices most often used in stir frt cooking.
  4. 6. To cut or tear foods into long thin strips.
  5. 7. To beat rapidly by hand or wih an electric mixer to add air and increase volume.
  6. 8. To cut foods intp long thin matchsticks shapes about 2 inches long and 1/4 inch thick.
  7. 9. To rub the inside of a baking dish o pan with fat to keep the contents from sticking
  8. 10. To cook or lightly brown foods in butter, margarine or oil until tender.
  9. 12. To slowly spoon or pour a thin stream of an icing, melted butter or other liquid over food
  10. 14. To cut foods into small cubes 1/8 to 1/4 inch in size.
  11. 16. To cook food 4 to 6 inches from a heat source.
  12. 19. To blend a combination of ingrredents by hand uing a spoon in circular motion.
  13. 20. To seperate solids from liquid b poring though a colander or sieve.
  14. 23. To lightly coat foods with flour or bread crumbs.
  15. 26. To sprinkle confectioners sugar, baing cocoa or flour lightly over foods.
  16. 27. To cut foods into 1/4 to 1/2 inch pieces.