Crime Crossword

  1. 2. A meticulously planned theft involving a high-security vault.
  2. 4. Solving mysteries is his profession; a modern-day Sherlock."
  3. 6. The suspect cracked under pressure during intense questioning.
  4. 8. Smuggled goods hidden in the secret compartments of the ship.
  5. 10. Threatening letters demanding money to keep a secret hidden.
  1. 1. The eyewitness identified a tall man with a scar.
  2. 3. A brutal crime scene, a life taken in cold blood.
  3. 5. The signature looked perfect, but it was all a fake.
  4. 7. A masked figure absconded with the bank's treasure.
  5. 9. She claimed to be at the library, but is it true?