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Crosswolf Puzzle

  1. 4. Either a vacuum or where seniors park their cars
  2. 5. Last name of a volleyball player, Econ. teacher, or senior football player
  3. 7. The Milk Man
  4. 9. Junior hypeman and popular emcee
  5. 11. Freshman Cheerleader and Lacrosse player
  6. 12. Junior XC runner, Lacrosse star, and cinephile
  7. 14. Either the name of he who rules the school or a city in Ohio
  8. 15. Senior Cross-country runner, soccer player, and two-time Yoder cup champ
  9. 16. Freshman Football Quarterback with a heck of an arm
  10. 17. Senior Spirit Captain, xc runner, swimmer, lacrosse player, and twin
  11. 18. Sophomore redhead Student Government member
  12. 19. Model Arab League coach and sophomore girls grade chair /
  1. 1. The madman who teaches English as well as Latin
  2. 2. AP Statistics teacher known for his affinity for The Backstreet Boys
  3. 3. Clemson punter gets rocker (Just look it up)
  4. 6. The objectively best lunch
  5. 8. Sophomore mock trial star and Model Arab League phenom
  6. 10. The last name of the Homecoming royal family
  7. 13. First name of a charismatic Sage Dining employee