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Crossword Country

  1. 3. “I ran right into the answer” *you just said it
  2. 5. The Archduke of this country was assassinated, thus sparking the first World War
  3. 7. Timbuktu is an ancient city in this African nation
  4. 8. Casablanca is in this country
  5. 10. The currency of this country is the Lev (BGL)
  6. 12. The word “Vampire” is the only word accepted worldwide from what country
  7. 14. What country’s name means "great houses of stone"
  8. 15. Known for the genocide of over 800,000
  9. 16. This country has the largest amount of churches in West Africa
  10. 19. Pres. Johnson was criticized for his dealing of the war in the country in the 1960’s
  11. 22. During World War 2, almost 6 million from this country were killed.
  12. 24. Only country to follow Sharia Law
  13. 25. What country is referred to as the “Hinge of Africa”
  14. 26. This country has the single strongest economy in the Eurozone
  15. 29. The Rubik's Cube was invented by an inventor from this country
  16. 31. This country issues a nuke threat to the US practically every other week
  17. 32. This country became landlocked when Eritrea became independent.
  18. 33. Smiling is considered immature in this country
  19. 35. Cannabis is legal in the European country
  20. 37. This Jewish nation formed as a relocation area for Jewish people after World War 2
  21. 38. This is Gandhi's birthplace
  22. 40. This country produces as much as 90% of the cocaine in the United States
  23. 41. Tourism is popular in this country to see their large Gorilla population
  24. 42. This country is famous for it’s chocolate
  25. 45. This country has the name “Olivia” in it
  26. 46. The explorer Vasco da Gama colonized what African country in the 15th century
  27. 48. Noah knew it as “the land of milk and honey.”
  28. 49. Capital of this country is Manila
  29. 51. In January of 2011, this country split to create the newest nation of Africa
  30. 54. This country has a tooth mouse instead of a tooth fairy, who is called Ratoncito Perez
  31. 55. Leading producer of Opiates in the world.
  32. 59. This countries capital is Prague
  33. 60. In the past 3 years 2.5 million people have been displaced from their homes in this country
  34. 61. This country, self proclaimed Somaliland, is run predominantly by pirates and war lords
  35. 62. This country has ruled over 166 countries in its existence
  36. 64. The Inca’s are from this country
  37. 65. This country is famous for it’s cigars
  38. 68. A major export of this country is wine
  39. 70. You live in this country
  40. 73. This country shares a name with the food traditionally eaten at Thanksgiving
  41. 74. This is the second largest country in Africa
  42. 75. The largest country in the Caucasus region
  43. 77. Akon was born here
  44. 78. Currently undergoing a crisis and may have to leave the Eurozone
  45. 80. Infamous for its continued practice of Whaling
  46. 81. The Aborigines are a native people from what country?
  47. 83. The poorest city on the planet, La Paz, is in what country?
  48. 85. This country is the most populated country in the world
  49. 86. Almost 90% of this mountainous Asian country is Hindu
  50. 88. The number 4 is extremely unlucky in this country
  51. 89. This country is home to the largest lake in the Sahel
  52. 91. The largest mountain in Africa, Mt. Kilimanjaro, is located in what country
  53. 93. What country used to be called Myanmar
  1. 1. This country is known for the sport Hockey
  2. 2. The Air Mountains are in what African country
  3. 4. This country's streets are known to be home of thousands of stray dogs
  4. 6. The Official language of this country is Uzbek
  5. 8. Singapore is at the southern tip of what peninsula country
  6. 9. This country recently legalized Gay Marriage rights
  7. 11. A street vendor set himself on fire here to begin the Arab Spring
  8. 13. Poorest country in the world, per capita. (Name is an acronym)
  9. 17. From 1846-48 this country was at war with the U.S. over a strip of land in Texas
  10. 18. Over half of the worlds cork is made in this country
  11. 19. This South American country borders the Caribbean and its Capital is Caracas
  12. 20. This countries capital is Lome
  13. 21. This country was known as “Upper Volta”
  14. 23. The capital of this country is Minsk
  15. 27. The Chitenje is a dress worn by the natives of what African nation
  16. 28. In this country is a city called Lagos which is the largest covering 385.9 sq miles
  17. 30. This country is the worlds leading producer of cocoa
  18. 33. This country was involved in the 1993 Rwandan Genocide, however, is not Rwanda
  19. 34. This country has a lake called Lake Leman and not Lake Geneva
  20. 36. Mubarak was driven from power in 2011 in the country
  21. 39. This country shares an island with Haiti
  22. 43. The first French African colony to gain independence
  23. 44. The countries president is Yayi Boni.
  24. 45. What country is hosting the Soccer World Cup in 2014?
  25. 47. Former Communist country infamous for the Gulag system
  26. 50. The second tallest mountain in the world, K2, resides in what country?
  27. 52. This countries capital is phnom penh
  28. 53. This country's currency is called Tenge
  29. 56. This country’s name means “land of trees”
  30. 57. The Vatican is inside this country
  31. 58. What county’s name literally means ‘Land of the Tajiks’
  32. 61. This country which is also an island is off the southeast coast of India
  33. 63. The world’s most Islamic populated country
  34. 64. The smallest landlocked South American country
  35. 66. A nuclear power plant explosion in this country contributed to rising levels of cancer.
  36. 67. 80% of the animals found here are indigenous to what island country
  37. 69. This country’s nickname is the “Cradle of Civilization”
  38. 71. Southeast Asia that has never been colonized by an European nation
  39. 72. This is the most developed country in Africa
  40. 76. Lake Turkana is in what East African country
  41. 77. This country is the most generous on the planet, donated 1% of the GDP to the poor
  42. 79. What country was formerly called Northern Rhodesia
  43. 82. This country is the home of the giant sable antelope
  44. 84. A 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010 has still left 400,000 people homeless in this country
  45. 87. The capital of this country is composed of two cities: Tegucigalpa and Comayagüela
  46. 90. The Incas settled in this country
  47. 92. The highest point of this country is filled with unexploded ammunition