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Crossword Crossword Crossword Puzzle

  1. 5. specific information required of a population
  2. 7. approach to documentation provides an orderly series of steps dealing with any medical case
  3. 12. specific specialty and style of a physicians' office
  4. 13. contain important information about a patient's medical history and present condition
  5. 14. format of medical records documentation takes SOAP format further
  6. 15. a record of the patient's past medical history
  7. 16. is entered for each problem list
  8. 17. examine and review a group of patient records for completeness and accuracy
  9. 19. is the primary reason most providers give for not implementing electronic records
  10. 20. recording information in the medical record
  1. 1. an inventory of the body obtained by the healthcare provider through a series of questions
  2. 2. patient information is arranged within the chart or medical record according to who supplied the data
  3. 3. factor that can be felt or seen during an examination by a doctor or measured by an instrument
  4. 4. easy for physician to keep track of a patients
  5. 6. should be kept up-to-date
  6. 8. is considered the best choice for charting
  7. 9. transforming spoken notes into accurate written form
  8. 10. second part of the registration process, contains the patient's past medical history
  9. 11. a patient who does not follow the medical advice he or she receives
  10. 18. conditions felt by the patient