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Crossword of the Week - Happy Easter

  1. 4. A treat made from cocoa and are used to fill the plastic...containers.
  2. 5. According to Christianity, He is the Son of God who died for our sins.
  3. 7. The aforementioned Son of God was a sacrificial __.
  4. 8. The substance used to color the animal product.
  5. 9. The species of the individual who hides the eggs.
  1. 1. The food of the aforementioned individual who hides the eggs.
  2. 2. These legume shaped treats often come in exotic flavors and colors.
  3. 3. These colors that are associated with motherhood and femininity are also associated with Easter.
  4. 6. These animal products are colored and hid in an area for an annual hunt targeted for children.