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  1. 2. The big bone of the lower leg.
  2. 5. The medical name for the upper back section of the spine.
  3. 11. Freely moveable joints.
  4. 13. Joint when 2 bones fit together with an odd shape.
  5. 14. A muscle tissue. The heart is the only example.
  6. 15. Medical name for skull.
  7. 16. The bones of the spine.
  8. 17. A resilient and smooth elastic tissue that connects bone to bone.
  9. 18. The internal framework of the body.
  1. 1. A place where 2 or more bones meet.
  2. 3. The bones of the hands.
  3. 4. A short band of tough, flexible fibrous connective tissue found around a joint.
  4. 6. Joint where bones can only move along one axis.
  5. 7. Small bonds developed in tendons around joints.
  6. 8. Medical name for the jaw.
  7. 9. The medical name for the lower back section of the spine.
  8. 10. A tough band of fibrous connective tissue found in between a muscle and a bone.
  9. 12. Type of muscle contraction when muscle length stays the same.
  10. 14. The medical name for the tailbone section of the spine.
  11. 15. The medical name for the neck section of the spine.