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  1. 1. a person born of spanish parents born outside of spain
  2. 3. a knotted string used by incan government officials and traders for record keeping
  3. 5. a system of writing using signs and symbols
  4. 8. pachuti's son
  5. 10. the ways that goods and services are produced and made available to people
  6. 11. the incan capital
  7. 16. treaty between spain and portugal allowing spain to settle and trade west of the line of demarcation and portugal the same east
  8. 19. a poor latin american farmer
  9. 20. a political movement in which people overthrow the existing government and set up another one
  10. 22. The largest maya city
  11. 25. plantain owned by the spanish settlers or the catholic church in spanish america
  12. 26. aztec ruler during the war with herman cortes
  13. 27. having to do with the city
  14. 28. to spend to earn more money
  15. 29. the daughter of a aztec ruler and was herman's translator
  1. 1. conquerors working for the spanish government who were in charge of gaining land and wealth
  2. 2. the right to demand taxes or labor from native americans
  3. 4. imaginary line during the treaty of tordesillas
  4. 6. ruler on incas in 1438
  5. 7. both the kernel and plant of corn
  6. 9. spanish conquistador that conquered the aztecs
  7. 12. spanish explorer that founded spanish america
  8. 13. where the Aztec first arrived in the 1100
  9. 14. the largest country in south america
  10. 15. the Aztec capital
  11. 17. spanish conquistador that conquered the inca
  12. 18. having to do with the countryside
  13. 21. agreement in writing made between two or more countries
  14. 23. a pipe or channel used to carry water form a distant water source to dry areas
  15. 24. a military officer who rules strictly
  16. 26. person of mixed spanish and native american ancestry