CSAM 2020

  1. 3. Someone with elevated access
  2. 7. Authentication that requires more than just a passcode; usually in the form of a token or generated access code
  3. 9. Software with malicious characteristics; often used to compromise a system
  4. 10. A type of phishing that is more personalized to the end user
  5. 11. Last name of TIAA's CISO
  6. 13. An attempt at getting gaining vital information from an individual utilizing a variety of social engineering tactics; notoriously in emails
  7. 16. The protection of internet connected systems and devices
  8. 17. Label often assigned to devices that are on a network; can be static or dynamic
  9. 18. An algorithmic method which hides characteristics of communication by converting it into various codes
  10. 20. TIAA's one stop shop for computer and technical issues
  1. 1. Ethical hacking; hacking for the greater good
  2. 2. A tactic often used by cyber criminals to lure in susceptible individuals in the form of urgency or consequence
  3. 4. In December 2017, one of the most popular credit bureaus in the world that was exposed to a data breach that resulted in over 147 million Americans' information
  4. 5. Unique hardware identifier; physical layer in the OSI model
  5. 6. TIAA's cybersecurity mascot
  6. 8. _ Routing: type of protocol that allows people to communicate anonymously; also a vegetable
  7. 12. Malicious software which often requires payment in the form of cryptocurrency in order to decrypt data/files
  8. 14. A concept where all devices are connected to the internet, such as household items
  9. 15. What does VPN stand for
  10. 19. A month dedicated to all things cybersecurity (acronym)